Weight Loss

Tired People Never Lose Weight

Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry, world-wide. Unfortunately, it is acknowledged that there is as much nonsense in
the industry as there is proper science.

Greg Fitzgerald has made a 30 year study of health & has spent countless hours researching the topic of weight problems in our culture today.

It is a fact that there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of weight-loss programs over the years. All of them claim some success & all of them have some proponents. Any weight-loss plan, if adhered to, will lose weight. That is not difficult. As Dr Joel Fuhrman states in his book ‘Fasting & Eating for Health’: chemotherapy or heroin addiction will also lose weight, but we want to lose it in a healthy manner’.

Unfortunately with many of the countless “diets” recommended for weight loss, they simply do not confer improved health at the same time as the weight is lost.

For example, the very controversial high-protein Atkins diet, is NOT recommended for pregnant women or breast feeding mothers & this is admitted by the Atkins staff!

How natural can a dietary program really be if a natural event like pregnancy is put at risk if the diet is followed? More than that, though, the high-protein diet is dangerous for reasons outlined in the ground-breaking book “The China Study” by Professor T. Colin Campbell.

In people’s minds, the word diet means a temporary way of eating to achieve weight loss. The problem is the Yo-Yo syndrome. Follow the diet, weight comes off; relax the diet, weight returns. This leads to frustration & sadly, health problems.

It is a scientific fact that women who yo-yo with their weight have a drammatically increased risk of developing gall stones.

It is also a fact which Greg has been saying for over 20 years ( & which has been scientifically proven only recently) that TIRED PEOPLE NEVER LOSE WEIGHT!

When the principles Greg shares are followed, weight loss is rapid & permanent, & the person ‘s health improves drammatically. This is not only because of less weight, but more so because the person becomes less TOXIC.

Becoming less toxic means gaining more energy. More energy means a more efficient metabolism. This results in the person moving towards their ideal weight & their ideal health. People then become cleaner, lighter & younger!

The resultant detoxification & weight loss allows people to get the best out of themselves by GETTING THE WORST OUT!

Our approach to weight loss is based on natural, scientific principles. There are no gimmicks, no fads but plenty of pleasing results.

Our consultations explain the reason why tired people never lose weight & why nutritarian eating is the surest, safest & quickest
way to shed excess kilos.

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