Psycho-Emotional Technique


This is an amazing technique which, if done daily & with other health-supporting habits, can help transform emotional blocks, anxieties & depression, low self-confidence & low self-esteem.

  1. Primer: Approximately 3 inches down from top of sternum & 3 inches across to the left, between the ribs, apply circular frictions while stating: Even though I am experiencing anxiety,I deeply & profoundly love, forgive & accept myself unconditionally. With each passing day, my health in all areas is improving. Each day I am getting better & better.
  2. Tap with 2 fingers the inside of your eyebrows ( 2 hands) & repeat above;
  3. Tap as above the ends of the eyes, 2 hands, repeating affirmation;
  4. Tap as above under the eyes, 2 hands, as above;
  5. Tap with 2 fingers of one hand above the top lip & under the nose, again vocalising;
  6. Tap as above below the bottom lip, one hand as above;
  7. Tap below the ends of the clavicle (collar bones) at sterno-clavicular joints, 2 hands & affirming again;
  8. Wrap arms around & tap the lats as above;
  9. Tap the crown of the head, one hand & repeat affirmation with added positivity.

The EFT technique works best just after meditation but can be done at any time, anywhere, as frequently as needed.

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