Healthy Meal Suggestions

Breakfast Suggestions:

Diluted fresh fruit juice.
Fresh fruit (summer) / Stewed fruit (winter)
Smoothie /Soy/Almond/Rice milk with fruit.
Fresh fruit & nuts.
Brown rice cakes with banana & tahini.
Wholemeal toast with nut/ fruit spread.
Wholemeal toast with avocado, mushroom & tomato.
Buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup.
Wholegrain cereal with non dairy milk.
Wholegrain oat porridge with non dairy milk.
Quinoa porridge with non dairy milk.


Open salad sandwiches.
Salad wraps.
Baked veges & salad.
Brown rice salad & raw veges.
Wholemeal pasta salad & raw veges.
Quinoa salad & raw veges.
Vege soup & wholemeal toast.
Vege pie & salad.
Vege sushi rolls.
Wholegrain crackers with avocado & tomato.
Fruit & Nuts.
* Animal protein with salad/ veges

Dinner Suggestions:

Wholemeal pasta with veges or salad.
Stir fry mixed veges with tofu.
Vegetable dahl with steamed rice & veges.
Chickpea & sweet potato stew with quinoa.
Bean tacos / enchiladas with salad.
Baked veges with avocado /beans / hummos.
Vege soup with/without wholemeal toast.
Vege pie & salad.
Warm brown rice & chickpea salad with veges.
Fruit & nuts.
Smoothie / fruit / almond / rice / soy /quinoa.
*Animal protein with salad / veges

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