Detox Diet

The human body is truely remarkable. It is self-developing, self defending & self-repairing!

Part of this self-defence & self-repair is its ability to continually detoxify itself, 24 hours a day until our last breath. Even our genes can be favourably influenced by improving our nutrition. The study of the influence of environment , especially nutrition, on our genetic expression, is called epigenetics.The river analogy is appropriate here.

When rivers become polluted, what is done to “detox” the river? We don’t pour expensive detoxing agents into the river. We first look at where the pollution is coming from & we STOP it at source. This is basic common sense. Then something marvellous happens.
The river becomes cleaner.

So with our bodies. (Read More- Health, Pollution & Detoxification article).

In order for beneficial & sustained detoxification to occur within our bodies, we need to be guided by a skilled & experienced health-care practitioner who can personalise a program to facilitate this process.

We have supervised literally thousands of people over the years undergo detoxification. Generally within 10-14 days, people claim they feel like a different person, with more energy, better sleep, clearer skin, better digestion & no bloating being some of the many benefits.

This is not surprising, as most people are operating today under a toxic handicap. The Environmental Working Group in the USA terms this the Body Burden.

Detoxification is really “getting the best out of yourself by getting the worst out”.

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