Deadly Dietary Mistakes

One of the main reasons there is an epidemic of premature ageing & degenerative diseases today is the typical western diet.

It has become “suicide by knife & fork”. It is no exaggeration to say this. We now eat for pleasure, not health or survival.

All wild animals eat food appropriate to their species, in the quantity they need. No more, no less, provided it’s available. There are no Weight Watchers Centres in the Amazon jungles, nor do animals need to look at a food pyramid to see what they can eat.

Without being too harsh on mankind, what 3 animals on earth are consistently overweight? The answer is not elephants, hippos & cows, but humans, domesticated dogs & cats. Tragically, everything we feed gets bigger (obesity), sweeter (diabetes) & ill (diseases)!

Our deadly dietary mistakes are broadly 3 in number:
1) too many social poisons;
2) too many animals;
3) too many processed foods.

On average in the States, the UK & Australia, 50% of our calories come from refined, processed sugar, flour & carbohydrates, 43% from animal sources & only 7% from vegetables & fruit. We commonly hear that alcohol, tea, coffee & chocolate are good for us, & meat pies & chocolate ice cream gets the tick from the Heart Association’s Tick Program!

We all love to hear good news about our bad habits! Meanwhile our health does not get any better. It’s no wonder people are vague & confused about what is a health promoting diet.

Avoiding or reversing what Greg calls the “invisible decline” in one’s health means:

1) sincerely wanting to improve;
2) being open to change;
3) following the right path consistently.

When these things are present, a transformation in one’s health occurs. Sickness, pain & pills become memories. Vibrant health then becomes a springboard to enjoy a full & meaningful life, which should be the norm.

Don’t accept the “invisible decline”. Avoid the deadly dietary mistakes.

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