Benefits of Healthy Eating

Nutritional science has progressed rapidly in the last 20 years. As an example, in that time more than ten thousand substances in fruits & vegetables, called phyto-chemicals, have been discovered. These are potent anti-oxidants which act like anti- rusting agents within our bodies, slowing the ageing process, combatting free-radicals & providing our bodies with potent anti-cancer substances.

Healthy eating is far more than following the official dietary guidelines. Because the official guidelines have to consider the interests of ALL stakeholders, their decisions are aimed at appeasing the food manufacturers while simultaneously recommending a fairly healthy diet for the public. Too often the interests & health of the consumer are compromised by the influence of the stakeholders on official policy. As such, what constitutes a healthy diet officially does not confer the maximum benefits needed to avoid the epidemic of modern diseases or provide the best nutritional “firepower” to recover from them.

The average diet today is certainly disease-producing. Not the scurvy, pellagra or beri-beri of the past but the modern western ills we hear so much about- heart disease, cancer, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, obesity etc.

To achieve optimum health, the “nutritarian” ( a term coined by Dr Joel Fuhrman) diet which we recommend  provides the best nutritional foundation to avoid or recover from the epidemic of modern illnesses.

By adopting the high nutrient per calorie nutritarian diet, your health enters a competely new level:

1) You slow the ageing process. You will look & feel younger. This is noticed generally within the first 10 days.

2) You will lose weight, IF you are carrying weight you don’t need.

3) You will improve your blood profile, blood pressure, cholesteol & glucose.

4) Your digestion will improve.

5) Your sleep will improve.

6) Your energy will rise (after going down for a few days initially).

7) Your skin will become clearer (after worsening for a few days initially)

8) You will say goodbye to things like influenza, frequent colds, sinus problems, headaches, asthma, reflux, brain fog, neck &
shoulder-blade pain & bad breath.

9) Your hormones start to re-normalize &

10) Your family benefits from your own transformation!

“This nutritional excellence program can prevent & even reverse most medical problems within 3-6 months.This is a bold
claim but the scientific research shows that most medical problems & medical tragedies we face in the modern world are the
result of nutritional folly.”
Dr Joel Fuhrman ( Eat for Health).

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