Neck and Shoulder Blade Pain

This is the most common musculo-skeletal problem we see, even surpassing LBP. This generally is seen as a chronic problem.Often, the person has been to other therapists, doctors & even specialists & finds the episodes of discomfort have now become more frequent, more lengthy & more painful. It is commonly described as a “toothache” in the neck & shoulder -blade area.

Investigations like X-rays, CT Scans etc generally show nothing to warrant such chronic discomfort. Headaches often accompany the condition, & there is generally pain at the base of the skull.

The typical pattern we see is where the person finds over the years that the treatments they used to find quite relieving, now give little or no  relief.

Our approach combines the best principles of osteopathyAND naturopathy (Greg’s unique inside/outside approach) to give fantastic outcomes. By this unique combination, we regularly see an 80% improvement in the most chronic conditions within the first 7- 10 days.

Neck & shoulder blade pain is one of the most common problems in today’s world BUT one of the easiest to recover from. All we ask is that you allow us to provide a couple of osteopathic treatments to your neck & shoulder-blades AND that you follow our specific  recommendations for 10 days.

This combination forms the most effective anti-neck pain treatment available!

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