Epidemic in to today’s modern world, headaches fall into tension, cluster & migraine categories. Sometimes they can be so severe that vomiting occurs, & occasionally they can be so incapacitating that sedation is needed. Most chronic headache sufferers also complain about pain & discomfort in their neck & shoulder-blade area.

Like neck & shoulder-blade pain, we generally see fantastic results with all types of headaches. At the very least, we see a marked reduction in frequency, duration & severity of the condition.

People often jump around from practitioner to practitioner seeking the “magic crack or fix”.

We often hear people state that, although some relief was experienced, their headaches returned after time. This then led to seeking more treatment & the cycle was established. Headache-treatment-relief/headache-treatment-relief & so on.

In these cases the headaches are often replaced by a chronic neck & shoulder-blade ache, because the real causes have not been removed.

Because headaches are rarely caused by just a neck vertebra “being out”, but are the result of many factors which all must be
addressed, our holistic approach leads to noticeable improvement in a relatively short period of time. And this improvement is permanent!

This combination of osteopathy & naturopathy is what Greg calls the ‘Inside-Outside Approach’. Not only are the muscles in the neck & shoulder-blade area freed up & the spine re-aligned, but the biochemical irritation which is one of the main causes of headaches, is  removed. Not only are headaches improved, but people often state that they have no more brain-fog, their energy is much higher & their sleep has improved.

You do not need to put up with headaches & neck/shoulder-blade pain!

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