Lower Back Pain

This falls into 2 main categories: acute & chronic.

Acute is where the person has no prior history of low back pain (LBP). The pain has come on suddenly from an event like lifting, excessive exercising, straining or twisting or from an accident. Generally such cases are routine & respond excellently to a few osteo/chiro treatments.

Occasionally, there will be a more severe & serious LBP which leads to referred pain down the leg(s). This sometimes involves a bulging or even a herniation of the disc, & may require more thorough investigation & treatment.

Chronic LBP is where there is a history of recurrent episodes of LBP over time. In this situation, the combination of osteo/chiro PLUS naturopathic advice, individualized to the person’s case, generally sees noticable improvement within 10-14 days, even in long- standing cases. No life-long programs or contracts are needed. We are confident you will experience noticable improvement within 10-14 days, provided there is compliance with the recommendations given.

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