Osteopathic & Chiropractic

For conditions like low back pain, neck & shoulder-blade discomfort, strained muscles, sciatica, headaches, sports injuries, as well as any joint or muscle problems, we combine the best of both osteopathy & chiropractic in the treatment session.

Treatments include heat application, deep tissue massage, mobilization &, when needed, adjustments to increase flexibility & range of movement.

Our unique post-treatment advice ensures a more rapid recovery, meaning becoming pain-free more quickly. This also means fewer treatments & less expense for you.

Both Greg FitzgeraldĀ & Michael McInerney are totally committed to providing you with the most effective treatment & advice, having successfully treated tens of thousands of patients this way over many years.

All practitioners at Health for Life believe that the muscles surrounding the joint need treatment as much, if not more, than the joint itself.

This approach results in a more favourable outcome, with the person needing fewer treatments & gaining quicker improvement than with joint manipulation alone.

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