How Not To Fall Apart As You Grow Older

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Date(s) - 09/04/2019 - 21/05/2019
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Gymea Trade Union Club

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It’s tragic that so many people today believe that ageing must be accompanied by inflammation, pain, disability, dementia and multiple chronic diseases. And of course increasing medications.

The media has certainly done a good job on us, handmaidens that they are to BigPharma. The hugely successful ‘Soldier-On’ and ‘I Feel Better Now’ television ads attest to this.

And the Government is now complicit in discouraging anyone from seeking any answers to their heallth problems outside conventional medical and drug-centred help.

I implore you not to fall for that lie. Ageing should not be accompanied by pain, inflammation, disability (barring accident), cognitive decline, osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic diseases.

We now have the sickest elderly population and young population in the history of the world! It is beyond tragic.

Insurance companies as well as longevity experts now talk about DALY- disability- adjusted life- years. This is because so many people become partially disabled at 55 but live another 20 years or more in pain, needless suffering and taking multiple side-effects- causing medications.

I, with my co-presenter Petrea King, world-famous health educator, want to share with you in 2 seminars THE TRUTH about how not to fall apart as you age. We want to see you, like us, enjoy THE NEW OLD AGE.

We want to share with you:

# How to reduce your chances of getting heart disease and cancer (the two bigges killers) by 100% and 90% respectively? Learn about the fantastic work of “longevity giants” Drs Ornish, Klaper, Esselstyn, Fuhrman, McDougall, T.Colin Campbell and others, all of whom are in the 65-85 age bracket and still going strong;

# The ONE reason co-morbidities (multiple diseases) develop as people age, and it is not genetic or bad luck;

# The 3 most important factors we all must be mindful of as we go through life, beyond the obvious ones like nutrition, exercise etc, and the dire consequences we face if we ignore them;

# Why we age more rapidly when we simply “go” through life, and age much slowly when we “grow” through life: the five keys to growing until our last breath;

# Seeing through the hype about diets like keto, paleo, vegan, mediterranean and Atkins. Never be confused again;

# How to optimize your microbiome (gut microbes) to your benefit, both for mental and physical health;

# How important it is for you to have a basic understanding of epigenetics, and how your good and bad genes are “turned off OR on” by the choices you make. After hearing this simple explanation, you will never fall for the “it’s all genetics” myth again;

# Why when you eat and how often contributes significantly to how slow or fast you age. The latest studies will stun you;

# 10 commonly held nutritional myths which contribute to weight gain, premature ageing and even early death;

# What the latest study on fermented foods reveals;

# What 2 foods we encourage you to eat regularly to avoid heart disease and cancer (and no, it’s not fruits and vegetables);

# The things you MUST know about fasting;

# Why we are seeing an increase in athletic young(ish) men between 25 and 60 drop dead of heart attacks and strokes;

# Why fitness and health are two very different things;

# How to develop inner calm and peace of mind, and quieten the inner turbulence or psycho-babble that robs so many people of their joy, happiness, energy and health;

# The full, wholistic game plan to overcome anxiety. How our psychology changes our biology, positively or negatively ;

# The 6 P’s of a healthy and happy life, which you can forever refer to;

# How to be a discerning consumer of the best and worst of what modern medicine offers- knowing what is necessary and life-enhancing and what is dangerous and health-destroying as we age. In other words, how to avoid becoming a statistic of the 3rd leading cause of death in the world:

# The subtle warning signs you must NEVER ignore in your body and some startling real-life examples of the consequences;

# Age is NO barrier. It is a fact that the most remarkable cases of health recovery I have witnessed in my practice have come from people in their 80’s.

Petrea and I want to share with you how to take back your own power and your health, and to use this vitality and health as a springboard to enjoy this wondrous life we are all priviledged to share. The seminars are open to all ages.

We want to help you enjoy a longer HEALTHSPAN, not just LIFESPAN!

Petrea King, one of Australia’s most popular Naturopaths and Health Educators, is the Founder of Quest for Life Foundation, a property of 9 acres set in Bundanoon, south of Sydney, which runs residential programs helping people recover from illness and tragedy . She heself survived terminal cancer and has been a regular presenter on Richard Glover’s ABC Radio program for years. There is no better commmunicator than Petrea. She is someone not to miss.

Greg Fitzgerald has been an Allied Health practitioner and educator for 37 years and has been invited again to speak at this year’s America’s National Health Association’s Conference in June. He writes regularly for national health magazines and is a prolific speaker, and you will have the opportunity to hear the life-changing research and wisdom he will be sharing with his American audience in June.


Seminar One

When: Tuesday the 9th of April;

Where: Gymea Tradie Union Club, Kingsway, Gymea;

Time: 7pm-9.30pm (Registration 6.30pm)

Speaker: Dr Greg Fitzgerald (Allied Health);

Seminar 2:

When: Tuesday the 21st of May;

Where: Gymea Trade Union Club;

Time: 7pm -9.30pm;

Speakers: Dr Greg Fitzgerald and Petrea King.


Two seminar program only $89.

Individual seminar: $59 (note: this has been reduced, and the early bird offer has been extended until the 9th of April or until seats fill.

Because we have chosen a smaller, more intimate venue, seats are limited, so please avoid disappointment and book asap.

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