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Date(s) - 16/08/2018
6:30 pm

Kareela Golf Club

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Janette Murray-Wakelin while in her 50’s had been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and given 6 AJ after Runmonths to live. Her cancer was aggressive and had already metastasised into the chest wall and lymph nodes. With a grandchild only 12 months old, Jeanette was tormented by the prospect of only seeing him for another 6 months if the doctors’ prognosis was correct. She rejected the medical treatment of chemotherapy and radiation.

Instead, she radically changed her diet to raw vegan, meditated, practised visualisation and took vitamin C infusions.

This was her personal path, and she was comfortable with whatever outcome awaited her. She was not opposed to these treatments per se and does not advise against them, but felt an overwhelming compulsion to follow her own intuition.

Not only did Janette stay alive. She thrived.

In 2013, Janette and her husband Alan, also in his 60’s, decided to embark on a physical endurance feat no other human had ever done in the world.

They decided to run around Australia doing 366 marathons in 366 days, all on raw vegan food!

They have also run the length of New Zealand and throughout Europe.

Documentaries were made of their achievements, books were written and television appearances sought all around the world.

It is indeed one of the most remarkable human achievements ever attempted, let alone completed.

Hear Them Speak in The Sutherland Shire

After completing a speaking tour in Melbourne in 2 weeks, Janette and Alan have agreed to speak in Sydney on their way home to Cairns, their tropical paradise they call home. They will give one talk in Sydney, and will not be back for a long time. On Thursday the16th August, you have the chance to hear them personally.

Her complete recovery from terminal cancer, without chemotherapy or radiation, was a remarkable achievement in itself.

But to then run 366 consecutive marathons (43 kms or 26 miles) in a full calendar year plus a marathon on January 1st, never missing a day, on nothing but raw, vegan food, is truly breath-taking.

They have been invited to speak in the USA, China, Canada, Hong Kong and Brunei, and have written 2 books: ‘Raw Can Cure Cancer’ and ‘Running Raw Around Australia’. They also started The Centre for Optimal Health in Vancouver, Canada.

Their reason for running as they do is to inspire others to believe in themselves, to follow their dreams and live a life of purpose, all through conscious lifestyle choices.

As Janette says: “the power of intention is far greater than that of fear”.

Today, Janette at 69 and Alan at 73 are in remarkably good health.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear their compelling story: her recovery from cancer and their world record endurance run.
The link below gives a snapshot of their story.


Greg Fitzgerald Naturopath has just returned from giving 2 talks and a Q and A at the American National Health Association’s Annual Conference in Cleveland Ohio, with world renowned speakers such as best-selling author Dr Joel Fuhrman (Eat to Live), plant-based cardiologist Dr Joel Kahn, Dr Pam Popper, Dr Alan Goldhamer, Founder of the largest fasting clinic in the world (True North California), Dr Anthony Lim (Medical Director of the McDougall Centre), amongst others. He has already been invited to speak again next year.IMG_2805 (002)

Greg attended almost all talks over the 3 days, and is keen to share this incalculable wisdom in his talk:

Preventing and Surviving Cancer: What You Must Know!

So with Janette’s miraculous recovery from terminal metastatic breast cancer and her and Alan’s unbelievable story of endurance, combined with Greg’s latest research on the truth about cancer prevention and survival, this is a seminar NOT to be missed.

Please invite friends and family to this evening, even older teenage children, as cancer is one of the fastest growing childhood and adolescent diseases, and is strongly associated with the nutritional and lifestyle choices they make TODAY! And the inspiration they will receive after hearing of Janette’s and Alan’s achievements could literally change their lives for the better overnight. Never underestimate how one night like this can positively impact a young person’s life and health trajectory, and plant wonderful seeds of optimism for their future, not just in health but in pursuing their dreams.

We need to get this urgent message out to the community, especially to young people, that their habits of eating and living are instrumental in determining not only how long they live but how well they live.

As Cardiologist Dr Joel Kahn said at the Conference: “Your life span is not necessarily your health span, but it can be, depending on your personal, daily food and lifestyle choices”.

Greg, Alan and Janette look forward to inspiring you, motivating you and informing you so you can live life to the full and enjoy a healthy, happy and meaningful life.

Details are below:

When? Thursday 16th August 2018

Where? Kareela Golf Club. Bates Drive, Kareela.

Time? Registration 6pm Seminar: 6.30-9.30pm

Investment? Early Bird Rate only $45 until Monday

13-8-18 or until seats sold. (Normally $59)

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