Transform your Health in 1 Evening Seminar November 2012


Take Your Health to a New Level!

Turn back the clock, feel & look younger by applying what you will learn in this 3 hour Inspirational Seminar:

 The 5 Transformational Keys to transform your health;

 How one of the greatest scientific discoveries ever made, telomeres & the enzyme telomerase, which led to a Nobel Prize in 2009 to Dr Elizabeth Blackburn, can reverse your biological age in a matter of weeks when the 5 Transformational Keys are adopted;

 The latest research on Vitamin D, Calcium, Folic Acid, Omega 3 & 6 balance, food allergies & sensitivities, gluten & dairy intolerance;

 Why orthodox medicine is now embracing fasting for heart disease ( Future Cardiology Journal Nov 2011) & even for cancer. Learning the truth about fasting can literally save your life, & also hear amazing testimonials;

 Why tired people NEVER lose weight & how to lose weight without losing your mind, naturally overcoming cravings & addictions;

 How low-grade chronic inflammation in our bodies goes from friend to foe, & how a low – acid, anti-inflammatory diet & life-style can “cool down” inflammation, thus improving most chronic diseases in a short time;

 How to reverse blocked arteries, type 2 diabetes, fibro myalgia, polymyalgia rheumatic, high blood pressure and cholesterol, many auto immune diseases & hormonal problems through state of the art nutritional or “nutritarian” excellence;

 The link between the 3 B’s : brain, the bowel & the back;

 How to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic headaches and brain fog;

 The truth about osteoporosis & how this newly invented condition called osteopenia is turning healthy women into patients taking dangerous drugs;

 Practical ideas on delicious high nutrient meals (nutritarian) which will benefit not just you but your entire family.

When?  Tuesday 20th November 2012

Where?  Doltone House, 223 Belgrave Esplanade, Sylvania Waters.

Time?     Registration 6.30pm  /  Seminar  7pm – 10pm

Investment:  Early Bird offer $30.00 until Tuesday 13th November. $45.00 from 14th November.

How to Register?  Ring Dawn at Health for Life Seminars on 02 95401962.

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