Greg Fitzgerald has been a practising osteopath, naturopath & chiropractor for over 28 years. He has written & lectured widely both here & overseas & has lectured in nutrition at the UNSW. He & his wife Dawn have also run courses & seminars in nutrition & natural health since 1984 at their Cronulla College of Natural Therapies, the first college of its type in the area. Over the past 30 years Greg has also made a thorough study of all the major nutritional and natural health advances. From the Pritikin program to the Gerson Therapy, from  Western Price to Herbert Shelton, from Dr John Mc Dougall to Dr Joel Fuhrman, from the FIT for LIFE revolution to Professor T. Colin Campbell’s ground breaking work “The China Study”, from the  raw- food movement to internet entrepreneurs like Dr Mercola, Mike Adams and Don Tolman,  amongst others, Greg has studied them all. He has also studied under the world famous Petrea King & Dr Ian Gawler, both of whom recovered  from terminal illness using nutrition and stress reducing techniques like meditation. This 3 evening program will bring you the best of all this knowledge and wisdom allowing you to transform your health in 14 days.

Take Your Health to a New Level! Turn back the clock, feel & look younger in only 3 Evenings. – our promise to you!

Amongst many other things you will learn:

 The 5 Transformational Keys to transform your health;

 How to naturally regulate your metabolism, hormones (including thyroid)   &  your  weight;

 How to literally slow your ageing process by reversing your biological age;

 The latest research on Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, Omega 3 & 6 balance,          good / bad oils, food allergies & sensitivities, gluten & dairy intolerance and acid/alkaline balance;

 Why tired people NEVER lose weight & how to lose weight without losing your mind, naturally overcoming cravings & addictions;

 How a low – acid diet can “cool down” joint inflammation, thus easing chronic pain in the neck, shoulders and low back, even when degeneration is present;

 How to reverse blocked arteries, type 2 diabetes, fibro myalgia, polymyalgia rheumatic, high blood pressure and cholesterol, osteopenia, many auto immune diseases & hormonal problems through state of the art nutritional or “nutritarian” excellence;

 How to overcome Irritable bowel syndrome, reflux and other digestive problems;

 How to improve sleep, reduce anxiety and depression and live a calmer, less stressful  life;

 How to very easily incorporate a few minutes of meditation into your day. An invaluable life-skill in this stressed-out world which eases  tension & strengthens immunity;

 Practical ideas on delicious high nutrient meals (nutritarian) which will benefit not just you but your entire family;

 How to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic headaches and brain fog;

 How to prevent osteoporosis & the truth about this disease.


When? Tuesday 8-5-2012 Tuesday 15-5-2012 Tuesday 22-5-2012

*A total of 3 Tuesday evenings over 2 weeks.

Where? Hazelhurst Art Gallery Lecture Theatre, The Kingsway. Gymea 2227 Time? 6.30pm  for a 7pm start until 9.00pm

Investment:  $109.00 for 3 evenings  (including e-notes).

EARLY BIRD OFFER only $89.00 until Tuesday  May 1st 2012

We will accept: Credit card  – ring through details to Dawn on 9540 1962 or email:

Cheque –  payable to: Cronulla College of Natural Therapies and send to 24a Alkaringa Rd, Gymea Bay. 2227 Direct Deposit – account details:

Name:  Cronulla College of Natural Therapies

Bank: N.A.B     B.S.B  082  180  Account no.   486614714

*please include your name as a reference.

Cash – Payments can be made  at the Health for Life Centre.  37 Cronulla Mall. Cronulla. (at the rear of Blooms chemist)

Who should attend? Anyone, at any age desiring a higher standard of health, from novices to seasoned health- seekers, as well as health care practitioners who wish to expand their knowledge base for the benefit of themselves, their families and their patients.

Our Commitment & Guarantee: We promise that what you will learn will transform your health & stress levels in 3 Evenings. If at any stage during or after the 3 evenings you feel this program has under-delivered, your investment will be gladly refunded. Greg & Dawn Fitzgerald.

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