Superior Health One Day Seminar

Lift your health to a new level in one day

Topics Include:

Recent Scientific Advances in Nutrition, Exercise & Longevity;

The Basic Cause, Resolution & Prevention of Acute & Chronic Illness;

The Miracle & Madness of Modern Medicine – how medical science can help you or hurt you, & how to know the difference;

The Truth about Inflammation, Influenza, Germs & Fevers;

How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind;

The Amazing Benefits of Fasting!

How understanding our many BIOLOGICAL CLOCKS can improve your Health;

Developing a healthy Attitude to Life;

Your Personality & Health  what you Don’t Know about Yourself can be a Health Hazard;


Dr Alec Burton,  M.Sc., D.O. Hons (London), D.C. (UK)

In practice for almost 60 years, Alec is renowned as the words foremost natural hygiene & fasting authority. He has fasted over 40, 000 people in his career, helping thousands recover from serious illness. A rare opportunity to hear true health wisdom from this international speaker.

 Dr Nejla Burton, M.Sc.,D.O.,D.C.

A qualified practitioner for almost 30 years, Nejla has worked with Alec for almost 40 years and has a masters in Psychology. A world leader in natural health, happiness & stress management & herself an international speaker.

Dr Greg Fitzgerald, B.A.,Dip.Ed.,N.D.,D.O.,D.C.

In practice almost 30 years, Greg has run a successful clinic in Cronulla and the very popular seminar program called Transform your Health in 21 Days.

Dawn Fitzgerald,  Dip. Nutrition

Has been a practical nutrition teacher for 25 years and is an authority on helping people connect the dots between practical nutrition and disease prevention / recovery.

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