Natural Health Seminar March 2012


Topic: 1: “Fasting for Rejuvenation”   by Dr Alec Burton

Fasting has been known as a means of restoring & maintaining health for thousands of years. Today, however, it is virtually a hidden secret to exceptional health. Fasting is particularly effective at rejuvenation, which literally means “making young again”. Even the Cardiology Journal had a recent article stating the benefits of fasting, & called for more research into this area.

Dr Burton is the world’s foremost authority on therapeutic fasting. He is also a leading authority on nutrition & health & has made 50 annual world lecture tours to teach professionals & the public alike the fantastic benefits of therapeutic fasting. Over the past 60 years, Dr Burton has supervised over 45,000 fasts of varying duration.  At this seminar you will also hear testimonials from many people who have defied serious medical prognoses through the efficacious application of therapeutic fasting. There are few people in history who have had as much experience in this field as Dr Burton.

Do not miss this chance to hear this priceless & life-saving wisdom.

Topic 2: “Is Food Addiction Eating You?”  by Greg Fitzgerald

Why do so many people have a love/hate relationship with food? Why is man the only animal that has trouble choosing the correct way to eat? How is it that there are more lo-cal foods & drinks consumed than ever, but obesity & chronic disease continue to escalate? Are you confused by all the mixed messages concerning the right way to eat: low carb-high protein or high carb-low protein? High-fat or low-fat? Did you know that fat is not a dirty word, & that there are good fats & bad fats? Is grazing healthy? Would you like to know how to eat to live & not live to eat?

This lecture will explain what is known as “the pleasure trap”. Addiction to food is not a character flaw! This presentation will explain why modern food technology often encourages many people to develop a perilous & self-destructive relationship with food. You will get a greater understanding of how modern nutrition has been engineered & manipulated to trick your biological instincts. It  will also provide you with solutions which will change your health, your energy & your life from the very next day. Greg Fitzgerald is a practising osteopath, naturopath & chiropractor of almost 30 years. He also lectures widely & has run the very successful Transform Your Health in 21 Days Program with his wife Dawn. This will be the most empowering seminar you will ever attend.

When?   Wednesday,  28th of March, 2012

Where?   Doltone House. Belgrave Esplanade, Sylvania Waters

Time: 6.45-9.30pm

Investment:  $49.00

For registration and enquires please contact Dawn on 02 9540 1962  or email

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