Fasting Can Save Your Life

Sometimes our lives can be changed & enhanced forever with one experience or encounter. Such was the case with me while studying natural health 30 years ago. I was invited to sit in on consultations for one day with our Dean of Osteopathy Dr Alec Burton in his George St office.
A lady sat in front of me in terrible pain as she told her plight to Alec. She had been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, an excruciatingly painful inflammation of one of the 12 facial nerves, causing loss of function to one side of the face & intense discomfort.
I recall the lady’s extreme distress to this day. The neurologist had put her on strong steroid drugs without success & had next proposed experimental surgery, which she was not in favour of.
I remember Alec’s optimistic words. He advised the lady to spend time at his residential centre at Arcadia as soon as possible. He strongly emphasized the urgency of the situation.
A month later I was invited by Alec to his Arcadia Health Centre. There I bumped into the same lady who had made a complete recovery from her debilitating illness. I recall my shock at how well, energetic & happy she was. When I asked her what she had done she replied she had done nothing, just not eaten for a period of time, drank water & rested, under Dr Burton’s supervision. She was a new woman. And I had been given a new insight & been fortunate enough to have witnessed the miracle of fasting early in my career.
Since then I have seen hundreds of people fast their way back to health, many from life  threatening illnesses. My wife Dawn & I have fasted when needed, as have all our children. Many of our friends as well as Dawn’s mother (now 78 & in great health & on no medication) & sister have also fasted when appropriate.
Without doubt it is the greatest piece of health knowledge & wisdom that I have been blessed to have been exposed to!

Fasting is one of the most important contributory factors to the recovery & maintenance of health.
To have this knowledge that fasting can help you or a loved one (if ever needed in future), is priceless. It is remarkable that so few people have this knowledge. It is never taught in any medical school even though there have been over a thousand references to fasting in the medical literature in the last 45 years.
It is not even taught in today’s naturopathic colleges. Nor will you get this information from the popular media. The pharmaceutical companies will never embrace it. Why?
There is simply no money in people recovering by drinking water!
Do not miss this opportunity to learn more about the remarkable process of healing which is accelerated while fasting. Hear both Dr Burton & myself talk on the topics of Fasting Can Save Your Life & Lifestyle Factors that Slow the Ageing Process.

Importantly you will hear from people who have overcome serious illness by utilizing fasting & other lifestyle measures. You will also have the chance to question Dr Burton & myself on the night.
I invite you to attend this life-changing seminar, of which details follow.
Yours in health,
Greg Fitzgerald.


The world’s leading expert on fasting, Dr Alec Burton, will be delivering a public lecture explaining how fasting can help the body overcome disease, restore health & reverse ageing.

Dr Burton has been renowned as the world’s foremost authority on fasting for over 30 years. Whilst studying medicine in 1949 he became very sick & faced imminent surgery. Instead, under the guidance of a practitioner who understood how fasting potentiated the body’s innate healing powers, & to the astonishment of his medical professors, Alec fasted & fully recovered, without the need for surgery or drugs.

He then studied the subject of fasting, nutrition & natural health &, in the early 1950’s, started fasting patients who presented with serious health issues, often helping patients restore their health after doctors had given up on them.
Since that time Alec has:

established a practice at Arcadia Health Centre, Sydney for almost 40 years where he not only supervises patients health recoveries but also trains practitioners (including medical doctors) in the art & science of fasting;

fasted over 35,000 patients from the very young to those in their 90s;

since 1954 guided thousands of people back to health, many of whom suffered with serious diseases deemed incurable by their doctors;

made 50 annual world-lecture trips through the States, England & Europe where he lectures both to the public & to professionals at colleges & universities;

been past-president of the American National Health Association & the founder of the Australian Natural Hygiene Society.

Dr Burton is a living example of what appropriate fasting followed by excellent nutrition can do. In superb health at an age when most people are facing serious health declines, Alec still rides his bike ( he used to be a professional cyclist), is still in full-time practice & lectures internationally every year. In fact, as you read this he is in the States lecturing on the subject of fasting. He returns to Sydney a week before his talk at this very seminar. Alec has also a pilot’s licence, a boating licence, is an accomplished guitarist & has a deep love of the arts & philosophy. He certainly knows how to live a full & meaningful life. In the opinion of many, there is no one in the world today who has a better knowledge of health, overcoming disease & slowing the ageing process than Dr Alec Burton.

If there is one seminar which could literally save your life, this is it!

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