Ageing Without Illness

Talk 1: Ageing without Illness by Dr Alec Burton

One of the world’s leading experts on natural health, nutrition, longevity & fasting, Dr Alec Burton, will be delivering an evening seminar sharing his priceless wisdom & knowledge on health, preventing & overcoming disease & fulfilling our biological potential (

Dr Burton has been renowned as one of the world’s foremost authorities on natural hygiene (health), disease prevention & recovery, longevity & fasting for over 30 years. Whilst studying medicine in 1948 he became very sick & faced imminent surgery. Instead, under the guidance of a practitioner who understood the body’s innate healing powers, & to the astonishment of his medical professors, Alec fasted & fully recovered, without the need for surgery or drugs.

He then studied the subject of fasting, nutrition & natural hygiene (health) &, in the early 1950’s, started guiding patients, many with serious illnesses, back to health. His methods are still the gold standard in health care nearly 60 years on.
Since that time Alec has:

established a practice at Arcadia Health Centre, Sydney for over 40 years where he not only supervises patients health recoveries but also trains practitioners (including medical doctors) in the art & science of disease recovery (

since 1954 guided many thousands of people back to health, many of whom suffered with serious diseases deemed incurable by their doctors.

In superb health at an age when most people are facing serious health declines, Alec still rides his bike (he used to be a professional cyclist), is still in full-time practice & lectures internationally every year. Alec has also a pilot’s licence, a boating licence, is an accomplished guitarist & has a deep love of the arts & philosophy. He certainly knows how to live a full & meaningful life. In the opinion of many, there is no one in the world today who has a better knowledge of health, overcoming disease & fulfilling our longevity potential than Dr Alec Burton. In fact, one of the worlds foremost health experts, Dr Joel Fuhrman, author of Eat to Live, refers to Alec in his writings & lectures.

Talk 2: The Mind- Body Connection by Greg Fitzgerald
What is the most important area of health? Our diet, exercise, rest & sleep, sunshine …? None of these. It is the way we think! Our thoughts determine the quality of our lives & indeed greatly determine our health. It all starts with the most valuable real-estate in the world- the six inches between our ears!
Why is anxiety & depression so common today, even in children & adolescents & even in those who seemingly have it all? Why do up to 90% of people with IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) also have psychological issues such as anxiety or depression? Did you know that 95% of our serotonin ( one of our body’s major nerve messengers) is found in our gut & only 5% in our brain? That we in fact have a second brain (the enteric nervous system) located in our gut? Why is stress such a huge factor in many people’s illnesses?
The mind & body were once thought to be separate entities. Not now. They are so closely interrelated that strengthening the one without the other is like building muscle in one leg only. Imbalance is the result.
Humans are known as the highest form of life because of one thing  our ability to use our minds, for better or worse. Sadly, we are never taught to think rationally about our own lives. It is true that humans are more expert at building cars, planes & bridges than building their own healthy, happy & meaningful lives. It needn’t be this way!
One reason for this is that most people think of health from the neck down! We mainly focus on our bodies- our diets, exercise etc & this is great, but in truth, we all need the occasional check-up from the neck-up!
Science has proved that we CAN change established patterns of behaviour once thought permanent ( people erroneously believed the old saying ˜a leopard can’t change its spots).
Neuroplasticity is the term used which describes this potential to literally change our thought patterns.
This talk will discuss 10 practical ways we can all improve our physical & mental health by a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection.
The mind can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven. It is the source of our suffering & our happiness. Milton.
Greg Fitzgerald is a practising osteopath, chiropractor & naturopath with nearly 30 years experience. Greg is a prominent speaker& writer on various health topics & runs the Health for Life Centre at Cronulla, Sydney

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