Understanding Detoxification

Many people experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms for a few days, from mild to severe, while they abstain from their social stimulants ( caffeine particularly, but also alcohol).

Some, not all, experience headaches (mild to severe), leg pain (like a toothache in the bones), buttock pain, brain fog, vomiting, virus-like symptoms, extreme fatigue & even eye pain, amongst others.

If you experience “acute” symptoms such as those mentioned, it is best to rest as much as possible, do no exercise & NOT eat very much, until you start to feel better.  Pain killers should be taken ONLY if you have to.

Remember, these withdrawal effects are really the body undergoing detoxification: Feeling worse, but getting better!

If the process is relieved by another stimulant, the detoxification stops: Feeling better, but getting worse!

True detoxification centres around desistance more than assistance. An alcoholic recovers by desisting from alcohol. The heroin user likewise. Detoxification from all drugs, from caffeine to ice, operates by the same principles.

Caffeine addiction is the most widespread addiction after sugar addiction. Other substances like alcohol & tobacco follow.

It is important to note that when you cease taking something that has a normal relationship to our body, such as your daily banana as part of your breakfast, there are NO adverse experiences.

It is only when we cease taking drugs & stimulants that we suffer.

Generally our suffering is proportional to the toxicity of the substance. In other words, if someone REALLY suffers coming off caffeine, or any other drug, it is highly likely that the caffeine was causing real internal problems, such as chronically spasmed shoulder-blade & neck muscles, jaw-clenching, headaches, brain fog, anxiety, digestive irritation, restless legs, breast cysts etc.  These improve markedly once the body has done its job of clearing the offending irritants.

Thankfully, such symptoms don’t last long. Two to three days on average, occasionally up to five.

In order for you to really transform your health in 21 days, such desistance is necessary.

The short-term discomfort will be worth the result.

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