Heart Disease

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), or cardio-vascular disease, is the leading cause of mortality in the western world, ahead of cancer. The third leading cause of death is from strokes while the fourth is, according to the Journal of the American Medical association, medical treatment itself.

Our modern life-styles are the reason for this modern day epidemic of heart disease.

Too much animal food ( meat, chicken, fish, dairy foods), too many refined carbohydrates ( white sugar, white flour, white rice), too much oil (Omega 6 dominant), stress, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, overweight, inactivity & genetics all are contributory factors.

Having said that, the last factor, genetics, is the least important, believe it or not. Dr Lamont Murdoch from the World Health Organisation has stated: “genetics loads the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger!”

Forty years ago it was believed that heart disease was irreversible. Blocked arteries were (& still are) treated with drugs & surgery.

Nathan Pritikin changed all that in the 1970’s. He reversed his own blocked arteries, inoperable at the time, with diet alone, no drugs or surgery.

Other medical doctors have conclusively proved that most arterial heart disease is preventable & reversible, if correct dietary principles are followed.

Drs Dean Ornish, Joel Fuhrman, Caldwell Esselstyn, John McDougall & Neal Barnard have all written books on the reversability of this condition. There are many others working with dietary modification to reverse arterial blockage, even in people with severely blocked arteries. The results are summed up in one word: staggering!

Such is the overwhelming evidence that heart disease is reversible through dietary changes without necessarily resorting to drugs or surgery, the New England Journal of Medicine came out with a headline in their March, 2009 edition:

“Atherosclerosis ( artery blockage) IS reversible!”

When people adopt the nutritarian way of eating we recommend, blood pressure drops, cholesterol & triglycerides drop, blood sugar regulates, blood stickiness reduces, weight comes off  & arteries unblock!

This fact is so important that it bears repeating: arteries can unblock!

The first thing that needs to be addressed is what goes on the knife & fork. This is critical. After that, other lifestyle factors also need to be addressed.

Although the practitioners at Health for Life are not heart specialists, our nutritarian dietary recommendations ( as recommended by the aforementioned doctors) are often enough for people with mild to moderate  heart disease to “bypass the bypass”.

Simply put, when someone with atherosclerosis (blocked arteries) adopts the nutritarian style of eating, they markedly reduce their chances of ever needing a coronary bypass surgical procedure.

In essence, they have bypassed the bypass!

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