Childhood Illnesses

Over the past 28 years there have been literally hundreds of children (& babies) brought to our centre by their concerned parent(s). Having often seen many doctors & specialists, parents are sometimes beside themselves with worry (& sleep deprivation). From chronic middle ear/throat/tonsils/lung infections, to asthma, bowel & digestion problems to eczema & psoriasis, we have seen ALL youngsters respond beautifully to our nutritional guidelines.

It is unbelievable in this day & age that the standard treatment for kids’ illnesses is still anti-biotics without first approaching it with diet.. This is especially the case when most infections are viral, & anti-biotics are known to have no effect on viruses. By all means resort to drug treatment if nutritional modifications fail. The sad reality is that the indiscriminate use & abuse of anti-biotics has led to serious health problems. From encouraging the proliferation of drug- resistant bacteria to the destruction of children’s digestive & immune systems, anti-biotic abuse has taken, & is continuing to take, a heavy toll.

This is now¬† widely accepted in the scientific community. Tragically, the damage continues. A few enlightened medical doctors such as Drs Fuhrman, Sultana, Baratoshi, Cook, Ritchie, Mendelsohn & McDougall amongst others, have spoken out about this & promoted dieary change as a first resort in most common children’s illnesses. Yet they are a tiny minority.

All veterinarians firstly investigate what their sick animal (patients) are fed, yet it is a sad irony that nutrition is mostly overlooked in standard medical consultations, as if it has nothing to do with the illness.

Babies & children are helpless when it comes to their own health- they are totally dependent on the knowledge & wisdom of their parents.

If you are a parent concerned about your family’s health, it might pay huge health dividends to aquaint yourself with the concept of nutritional excellence, & apply these to your family. One hour’s naturopathic consultation is all that is needed.

It won’t take long to notice the difference in your child’s health.

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