Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Known also as ME (Myalgia Encephalomyelitis), CFS is a chronic condition characterized by extreme fatigue brought about by normal, everyday activitiy. Post-exercise exhaustion (even light exercise) is also a symptom.

In its extreme, CFS can become so debilitating that it can lead to virtual invalidism, in turn often leading to depression.

When a case history is taken, it’s often found that there has been a history of glandular fever as a teenager or young adult. Sometimes a stressful event or situation (eg exams) or even an acute illness can precipitate CFS.

The person is often a talented person with a very strong drive. “Soldiering on” when tired or sick is common, as is a history of exercising when tired.

Conventional approaches get the person to engage in some exercise, despite their chronic fatigue. Regrettably, nutrition is not often considered when treating CSF. This omission results in a consistently poor outcome, which is why many CSF cases we see try many & varied doctors & natural therapists, desperatley looking for the magic treatment.

It bears repeating: moderate or hard exercise should NOT be engaged in by those with CFS.

Provided the person is willing to make some dietary & lifestyle changes we recommend, we  invariably see noticable improvement in the condition within a few weeks. The majority make complete recoveries.

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