Why Snacking is a Health Hazard

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Why Snacking is a Health Hazard

Over the past few years there has been an emphasis on eating regularly throughout the day, with main meals separated by snacking: Breakfast followed by a mid morning snack; lunch followed by mid-afternoon snack and dinner followed by evening snack or supper. This was supposed to help stimulate metabolism, keep weight in check and provide stable blood sugar regulation. Well it hasn’t worked and it will never work.

People today eat more food than ever and eat more frequently than ever. Despite (or because of) this, the problems of metabolism, overweight and blood sugar irregularities are Read More...worse than ever. The rates of obesity and overweight are climbing, diabetes is epidemic and chronic tiredness is universal.

It is no exaggeration to say that western society is eating itself into a stupor, chronic illness and an early grave, in that order.

Understanding Metabolism: Anabolism and Catabolism

Metabolism is the balance between two biological processes within the body called anabolism and catabolism.

On the one hand the body has to be continually renewed. New tissues, including the skin, the gut, bones and so on are continually rebuilding. This process is called anabolism. You have heard of anabolic steroids, which are sometimes taken illegally by athletes to stimulate new tissue growth. Bodybuilders are notorious for taking anabolic steroids to build bigger muscles. Well this is where the word finds its context. Anabolism means building up.

The second process is called catabolism. This is where the body breaks old tissue down, removes waste products and excretes them, a process closely linked to detoxification.

In bones for example, two different types of cell perform these two functions. One bone cell, the osteoclast, clears away old, mottled bone. This process is then followed by the second type of bone cell called an osteoblast, which builds new bone. All body tissues undergo these processes, some more quickly than others. Thus the entire body replaces itself every few years.

The Importance of Catabolism

If our catabolic processes are compromised or inefficient, we become toxic. When the cellular wastes and old, used tissue and materials are not efficiently removed, they accumulate in different parts of the body. Toxaemia results, where these waste products accumulate within the body tissues, fat and blood. This condition of toxaemia has been now officially accepted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in the States in 2001. All sorts of illnesses result from this chronic process, from inflammation to chronic disease to premature ageing.

It is what we want to avoid if we wish to live a healthier, more energetic, disease-free, and of course, long life.

So what Does Snacking Have to Do with Catabolism?

When we eat, and this includes snacking, we promote anabolism, or building up, and we temporarily inhibit the process of catabolism. We divert energy away from the catabolic or clearing processes of the body and focus the body’s energy on building up.

When we do not eat, we rest our digestive system and promote detoxification and catabolism. This helps keep our bodies cleaner and less toxic, allowing our bodies to remove wastes and detoxify materials which otherwise could cause unwanted health issues.

To further illustrate this, it is why we often might notice a slightly off breath upon arising in the morning. This is because we have spent a number of hours (hopefully) not eating, while asleep, and this allows the body the necessary rest to initiate its catabolic and detoxification processes. Not only is our breath stronger, but our urine is also a little darker in colour, a result of the kidneys having extra energy to help detoxify our blood.

It is also why we lose our appetite when sick, feverish, very stressed or exhausted. This is called anorexia, meaning lack of appetite. It has important survival value. Animals and young children automatically do it, but many adults and doctors encourage the opposite, which is to eat “to keep your strength up”. Such foolish advice has literally killed countless people.

Eat and Then Don’t Eat!

It is best to eat and then go without eating. No snacking. Wait until the next meal and you will enjoy that meal with a genuine hunger. You will relish the food. Because of this, your genuine hunger will allow better digestion because the digestive enzymes and organs have had a rest, a catabolic rest. The few hours away from all food allows our bodies to focus on detoxifying or cleaning the system. The body becomes less toxic, cleaner and lighter. Our normal and healthy weight is more easily attained.

Many people are on an “eat-all-day- diet. They are forever eating and drinking. Snacking is engaged in frequently. The problem is they are not truly hungry. They are governed by what Dr Joel Fuhrman calls “toxic hunger” in his books Eat to Live and Fasting and Eating for Health. This toxic hunger is not true hunger, but is characterised by a feeling of weakness or discomfort, headaches, light-headedness, tummy rumblings and emptiness, which the person mistakenly interprets as hunger. It is really a symphony of withdrawal symptoms from food addiction. Eating then relieves the discomfort until shortly after, when more eating is engaged in, perpetuating a cycle which is ruinous to health.

To eat and snack regularly this way is to invite trouble: indigestion, reflux, overweight, headaches, fatigue, nausea and later on more serious problems.

True Hunger:

True hunger is felt in the mouth and throat, not in the stomach. It is associated with salivation. It is not accompanied by any form of pain or discomfort.

Those in excellent health can miss a meal completely and still feel neutral: not incapacitated by discomfort or weakness. They just feel “hungry”. They go to their meal feeling energetic but “ready to eat”.

In fact, the Native American Indians had a saying: “the hungry dog hunts best!”. When hungry, it had great energy and alertness, necessary for its continued survival.

Science Proves Snacking Shortens Life ( At least in Rats):

The National Institutes on Ageing conducted a study published in Science Magazine in August 2002, where they fed 2 groups of rats 7,500 calories each per week.

Group 1 was fed regularly throughout the day (snacking), while Group 2 was fed only 3 times per day (non-snacking). At the end of the week both groups had consumed the same food and the same calories.

At the end of the study, Group 2 rats (non-snacking) significantly outlived the Group 1 (snacking) rats.

If Not Hungry, Don’t Eat

It goes without saying that we should not eat if we are sick or unwell. It also applies to us when we are not genuinely hungry. The fact that we are not hungry simply means our body has no need for food at the time. To eat because of someone’s mistaken opinion is to overburden the body and increase toxaemia.

There is no adverse consequence to missing a meal when not hungry. The opposite is true. There is great benefit. You will set in motion greater catabolic activities which facilitate enhanced detoxification processes. Just like breakfast means “break- fast”, so periods of time between meals represent a form of mini-fast, and its plethora of biological benefits. For better health, do not snack routinely. The occasional transgression is not a problem, it is when snacking becomes a routine, habitual part of our lifestyle.

One Exception:

Elite athletes engaging in high-intensity or ultra-endurance sports and training might need to modify this principle, as their routines may require the judicious use of high-nutrient snacks. Such athletes represent only a fraction of the population, however.

For the average person not engaged in ultra-endurance sport, it is best to eat and then go without eating.

Your health will only improve.

Dr Spock Stole My Tonsils!

Monday, October 20th, 2014

I was raised in the 1950’s . My mother had read the popular book by Dr Benjamin Spock in the late 40’s  titled Baby and Child Care, and faithfully followed the good doctor’s advice. The book became staggeringly  popular, and believe it or not, has sold more books than any other in history, apart from the Bible. The book became a bible of sorts to parents raising children. Spock passed away in 1998 but still his influence continues to this day.

Dr Spock instructed parents to feed their babies and children up to 2 pints of cows’ milk per day, and Read less than one and a half! Like almost all mothers following Spock’s nutritional “bible”, my mother, thinking she was doing the right thing, dutifully complied.

The NSW Health Department reinforced this milk mania, and  baby boomers reading this will recall drinking (or gagging on) their mandatory one third of a pint of warm cows’ milk at primary school each day.

Tragically, Spock’s advice caused incalculable damage to children’s health. It is no co-incidence that after his book was released just after WW2 in 1946, the rates of tonsillitis, adenoid and upper and lower respiratory diseases skyrocketed, as did the use of antibiotics.

Like millions of children at the time I also suffered chronic tonsil and adenoid problems, until at the age of 4 I had them surgically removed. I recall waking up from the surgery and being fed ice cream. That practice still continues! Imagine feeding a child the very thing that helped put him in hospital in the first place!

The truth is, my tonsils were never the problem. They were just doing their job as part of my immune system in the face of daily insults in the form of milk and other unsuitable foods. They were working as designed. They were certainly swollen (inflamed) but so does any part of the body when it is continually provoked and irritated. Inflammation follows irritation and is part of the repair process. It demonstrated  the law of cause and effect. The cause of my inflamed tonsils were not my tonsils, but what was irritating them (certain foods, particularly milk and dairy).

The organ (tonsils) did not need to be removed, the causes did!! After their removal, I had no more tonsillitis, obviously. But Dr Spock’s advice was still diligently followed, my milk and dairy intake remained high and hence, my toxic state continued.  Because my tonsils could no longer be the avenue of toxic release, another organ became affected, namely my eyes. Eye infections followed. Then came more antibiotics, and hence followed an adolescence of lowered immunity and increasing sensitivities.

Very Little Has Changed

At my clinic I often see young children  who have had repeated health problems, numerous visits to doctors and specialists and had multiple drugs prescribed. It is very sad to see such suffering. The parents are also affected by this as they do their best to help their family.

It might be a number of middle ear infections first, treated by many antibiotics. Tubes may be inserted. Sometime later, another organ becomes problematic, often the tonsils. More drugs, perhaps even tonsillectomy. The child then develops a chronic cough, and asthma is diagnosed. Asthma drugs are given. Later on, the child develops a skin rash, and eczema is diagnosed, now it’s off to a skin specialist who prescribes  cortisone creams  and more antibiotics. Because causes are never removed, the child’s toxicity increases and  one organ after another breaks down under the continual irritation.

It is like a play where the scenes change but the drama continues. The sick organs change from one to another but the sickness remains. It often leads to things like Glandular Fever and then Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in adolescence or young adulthood. Multiple food and chemical sensitivities are often involved. School and academic performance is affected. For many children, they move from physical problems to mental manifestations, such as learning disorders, autism and ADHD. They are ALL linked to toxicity.

The order of organ involvement is variable but one thing is certain. Unless the causes are removed the effects will continue. That is why recent research has shown that even some adult cancers are often related to poor childhood nutritional choices.

It is a modern day tragedy that very rarely is the diet looked at, let alone changed.  If changes are made, they are often initiated by the desperate parents who themselves are confused by all the nutritional mixed messages they hear and read. When you consider that if you take a sick animal to the vet, the first question will be: what are you feeding it? The vet is comprehensively trained in appropriate nutrition for each animal species. It is the Eighth Wonder of the World why doctors are still not trained in appropriate nutrition for the human species in 2014!

It is important to remember that the human body was designed to be a survival machine. It was programmed to be healthy, not continually sick. Sickness is a form of protest on behalf of the body. You inhale dust, you cough- a protest- stop breathing in the dust. You eat off food and vomit- a protest, get it out! All symptoms are protests. They carry a message. And that message will get louder and louder ( sicker and sicker) until it is properly interpreted.

Our next seminar will be covering Raising Healthy Children, from Babies to Biggies, where Dawn and I share our game-plan to raise exceptionally healthy children. We are very excited to share what we know with you. This is a combination of seeing children overcome health issues at my clinic for the past 30 years plus raising our own 3 healthy children, none of whom has ever had an antibiotic.

If you want to learn how to raise, disease-free, drug-free children, dynamically healthy mentally and physically, this is not to be missed. Whether you are a parent of children 18 and under or a prospective parent, this seminar is one of the most important ones you can ever attend. By implementing what we suggest, you will start to see benefits in your family almost immediately, and it may even help your own health!

For more details and to register visit our events box.

The Myth of Eight Glasses of Water a Day

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

The human body has around 100 trillion cells, &, believe it or not, 10 times that number of viruses & bacteria residing in it. Each cell operates intelligently, each organ acts intelligently & obviously, the entire organism acts intelligently. There are laws & principles which govern life, & indeed, govern health & disease.

Symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea, fevers, pain & inflammation all have survival value. The body is working as designed. These are reparative, remedial processes the body employs to keep itself clean & well. Sometimes painful, but always having survival value.

Similarly, sensations such as hunger, thirst, tiredness, sleepiness etc Read More...all have survival value & are intelligently directed. They have been guiding humans for millions of years. Only recently were we told by supposed experts that these symptoms were wrong, &, in the case of fevers & inflammation, positively harmful.

There are however signs that a more enlightened approach is taking hold.

A document written by an enlightened dietician contains what is known as a medical reversal. A medical reversal is where a completely different recommendation is given, contrary to what has been the “party line” for decades. Whereas dieticians & many doctors have been saying for the past 15 years that we need to drink water all day because by the time we are thirsty we are already suffering dehydration, a recent article by Nicole Senior for the Glycemic Association, contradicts that view.

Agreeing with this view that we are overplaying the water recommendations, Dr Tim Noakes & Dr David Martin, from South Africa & the USA respectively, stated this : “it has been difficult to find any studies in which dehydration has been identified as the causative factor in even a single case of exercise-related heatstroke”

Indeed, drinking too much water, or water gorging, has been shown to cause hyponatremia, or low blood sodium, with serious & rarely, fatal consequences.

Their studies led to the USA Track & Field, the governing body of track & field, making major revisions to drinking guidelines for athletes ( Instead of drinking as much as they can, the guidelines say, they should drink when they are thirsty. Dr Martin said these changes were revolutionary & overdue. Following on from this the International Marathon Medical Directors Association also reversed its stance. Drink when thirsty!

Dr Heinz Valtin, a physiologist from Dartmouth Medical College, said he could find no scientific support for the common advice for adults to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

 “The benefits”, he said, “such as weight loss, relief of constipation & headaches, less fatigue & increased alertness, have no foundation in scientific studies”.   Listen to your body, it gives accurate feedback if we look after it.

If thirsty, drink!

If hungry, eat!

If tired, rest & sleep!

If feverish, fast & rest!

This philosophy will serve you well.

It appears to be common sense, but common sense is not too common today.

The Happiness Paradox

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Happiness is a popular subject these days. Books, magazines, current affair programs & even films are analysing the subject like never before. The study of happiness is nothing new. Since recorded history, man has attempted to understand this seemingly elusive state, with discourses from Plato, Socrates, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed & countless others outlining what they thought were the principles & conditions leading to a happy life.

The Growth of Prosperity.

Since 1957 the Growth Domestic Product (GDP) per person has risen 300%. Houses today (2007) are on average twice the size of those our parents (or grandparents) lived in, in 1957.

Two cars Read More...(at least), two television sets (at least), commonly including large plasma or LCD screens & home theatre systems, an investment property & overseas holidays are now commonly seen in many families in the western world. Higher disposable incomes, more electronic toys & more labor-saving devices are more common now.

We have easier access to government welfare, greater emphasis on health care, better consumer protection & instant communication via mobile phones & internet.

Society has seen greater sexual freedom ( the contraceptive pill) & less victimisation of minority groups. Women have been liberated ??!! since the 60’s revolution, to the point where we now might soon see for the first time ever a female American president.

In Australia, the combination of unemployment & inflation, called the misery index, has been declining for the last 20 years. .

From the economic & equality standpoint, we have never had it so good. Conventional wisdom has been that as these markers rise, our happiness should correspondingly rise. Study after study has shown that this is NOT the case. Our Gross National Happiness (GNH) has remained the same or fallen over the past 50 years, despite our increasing affluence & comfort.

This is what is called the Happiness Paradox! It is also the subject of Clive Hamilton’s thought-provoking book ‘Affluenza’.

Most people cling to the belief that more money means more happiness, says Hamilton.

The only time that increasing income & greater happiness rise correspondingly is when incomes rise from a poverty level to a basic level. In the USA this basic level has been found to be $15,000 per annum. Once this level is reached then more income, wealth & material possessions do not see noticeable differences in happiness levels.

A while ago I attended a two day conference in Sydney titled  Happiness & its Causes with dozens of guest speakers, including the Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama. The same theme emerged here. Every speaker confirmed what we already knew with the age-old saying: money can’t buy happiness.

So what do we do in order to become happier, have greater peace of mind & lasting contentment? Do we eschew economic advancement & renounce our way of living as we now know it?

Or do we keep up the belief that the more we earn, acquire & invest the happier we will be? The more superannuation, the more happiness?

At my clinic I have seen countless people over the years suffering from chronic unhappiness. There have been many wealthy people who have been deeply unhappy. I have also witnessed financially poor people very unhappy. Conversely, I have consulted many wealthy people who were happy, deeply contented & well-adjusted & many low-income earners who displayed the same qualities.

Similarly with health. There are those with money who have excellent health & those with little finance who also enjoy high-level health. Again there are those who have lots of money but poor health & those who are broke whose health is also broken.


Most people believe that, as with money & happiness, more of the former will also mean greater health. We are continually hearing from opposition politicians, doctors, researchers, medical foundations & special interest groups that we need more funding for more hospitals, improved medical technology, more & better drugs & wider health services. It is widely publicised that the only way to conquer cancer & all the other diseases is through more money, raised through government spending & public awareness drives.The last 20 years has seen more money spent on supposed health care than in all previous years combined. In 1971, President Nixon in America declared war on cancer!Almost unlimited funds were channelled into cancer research & treatment.

America spends more money per capita on medical care ( health care), has the most advanced medical technology in the world & more money is spent on research in the States than anywhere else. There are more drugs available to consumers in the States where these drugs are even advertised direct to the consumer (DTC). Americans pop more pills per capita than any other people & these pills are the result of the belief that more money means more health.

In other words there is a widespread belief that the more capital growth & productivity there is & the more of this that is channelled into medical technology, the happier & healthier we will all be.

Just as happiness does not rise with increased income over a basic level, health also does not. In fact, once a certain point is reached in health care expenditure, more emphasis on drugs & technology means LESS health.

The situation in the States bears this out. America has one of the worst infant mortality rates amongst developed nations. Life expectancy lags behind many other countries & the rates of most major diseases are higher there than most developed countries where much less is spent per capita on health care. The States is one of the most medically regulated countries in the world, with the FDA ( Food & Drug Administration ) & the CDC ( Centres for Disease Control) ostensibly safeguarding public health & ensuring that the money invested is money well spent. Then how can it be that America is the obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease & depression capital of the world?

Here are some thoughts on the Wealth & Health Paradoxes, gleaned from my experience dealing with countless patients over the past 24 years, my own personal happiness/health experiences & almost a life-time of study on these issues.


Many people confuse pleasure with happiness. They are different. Pleasure is temporary & sensual. Happiness is permanent & spiritual. Happiness cannot be caused as it is a quality we are all born with. We then proceed in our lives to CAUSE unhappiness.

To regain our inner happiness, we need to remove those things that are blocking us. Take off the layers that smother our true inner contentment.

Outside-in is NOT what confers happiness. Winning the lottery or buying a new car or a new mansion , marrying the prettiest person or having the brightest kids, getting the much sought-after promotion- these things are outside or external. Sure, they can confer pleasure but it is never lasting. Enough becomes a moving target. We at some point adapt to these externals & set our sights on more or bigger things. We are never satisfied.

Inside-out is where happiness resides. It starts inside. If it is sought from outside then the inner spirit is often neglected. The seed of happiness is within us all but it does not blossom if we search for it in the external world. Money is neither the cause of happiness or the root of all evil. Money is neutral. It can’t make us happy or unhappy. It’s our perception of its worth & value that is important. It’s our attachment to it that blocks us. When we let our egos attach too strongly to certain external things, we run into trouble. We find we might be working extra long hours chasing the money or promotion, becoming obsessed with some THING or continually comparing our assets to others- this is when we gradually lose ourselves. Remember self-worth is NOT net-worth!

We allow our happiness to flourish when we first honour our own basic needs. This requires some thought & reflection, which is best done in silence, stillness & solitude. Here are 7 ways to help manifest our inner happiness:

1) Become as healthy as you can be. This requires discipline in eating, drinking & our personal daily behaviours. There are a few rare people who can be blissfully happy even when chronically sick or in pain, but most people don’t fall into that category. Become gradually aware of the relationship between what you eat & drink & how you feel. Avoid taking drugs daily which alter your mood or energy levels. These include alcohol, tea, coffee, cigarettes, recreational drugs & stimulants.

2) Avoid soldiering on- don’t habitually push yourself. Question any tendencies you might have towards perfectionism, as this leads to a chronic feeling of unfulfillment.

3) Walk, run, swim, garden, row, dance, ride, climb, lift, bend, skip, jump- do whatever you like doing but move regularly.

4) Get adequate sleep & rest.

5) Have quiet time daily-meditating, praying, just being still & quiet.

6) Develop goodwill to others- wish the best for them, compliment people sincerely for something you admire, encourage people. Apart from being the right thing to do, it also adds to your own inner peace & happiness: The fragrance of the rose lingers on the hand that gives it.

7) Accept the fact that the only thing you have total control over is your attitude. Everything else is never 100% under our own control. Understanding & accepting this is like lifting a weight off our shoulders.

Don’t Spend Too Much Happiness Earning Your Money

What was I Losing With All the Gaining?

Don’t Pay for your Wealth with Your Health

We spend our Time Earning our Money & then we spend our Money earning our time.

The Miracle of Life – The Healing Power of Illness

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Life in all its forms has fascinated man for countless centuries. The nature of existence & the existence of nature have puzzled philosophers, theologians, scientists & the lay person alike.

The power of natural phenomena has likewise captivated man’s interest & awe. The power of the tsunami, the earthquake, the volcano, the storm, floods & such like are often breathtaking Read their force. For all of man’s intelligence & technological advancement, he is virtually helpless when nature raises the ante.

These violent outbursts have been part of nature since life commenced. As they stem from nature, so they are NATURAL. They are not normal, but most certainly they are natural.

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The Miracle of Life, The Miracle of Health

Death of the Atkins Diet

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Many of you will have heard of the Atkins Diet. Dr Robert Atkins was an overweight doctor in the late 60’s who was frustrated because every diet he tried ended in disappointment. He always regained the weight. In desperation he tried eating only animal protein foods- meat, eggs, fish, chicken, cheese etc & cut out all carbohydrates- bread, cereals, fruit, rice, potatoes, corn & other starchy vegetables. Abracadabra! He lost weight & kept it off for a number of years. Because he lost weight he extrapolated that this regime was the answer to the world’s health problems.

This was the genesis Read More...of one of the most popular selling diet book in history. And the most dangerous! I read his first book- The Atkins Diet- in the early 70’s & was amazed then that many people would give credence to it. One statement that jumped out at me when I read the book was enough to convince me that the good doctor’s claims were not to be taken seriously. Back to that later. However, most authorities at the time savaged the book & it faded out of mainstream consciousness until it resurfaced again in the late 90’s under the name The Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution. It went gangbusters! Some Hollywood celebrities endorsed it after losing weight & the world went crazy for it. It led to the low-carb, high- protein fad which spawned subsequent best sellers like The South Beach Diet & The CSIRO Diet. The new book quickly sold 15 million copies & was followed by a plethora of Atkins low carb, high- protein foodstuffs & a range of Atkins vitamins & minerals. Atkins Nutritionals Inc. became a multi- hundred million dollar enterprise.To

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The Nutrition Revolution

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011
In the 1970’s Nathan Pritikin proved that atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) could be reversed by appropriate dietary change. He himself had suffered inoperable atherosclerosis (heart disease) when 39 but had changed his diet after much personal research.
After his death decades after diagnosis, his autopsy (footnote1) showed arteries as clear as a teenagers’. This was the first conclusive medical proof that artery blockages could be reversed by diet.
The last 40 years has seen great advances in our nutritional understanding & knowledge.
However, at the same time, we have witnessed the popularity of many dangerous diets, like the Read More...Atkins diet, the South Beach Diet & the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. The latter diet was so harshly criticised by Rosemary Stanton, the foremost dietitian in Australia, that she appealed to the then Prime Minister John Howard in a public letter, to pull all these books from the libraries, so damaging was the books dietary advice.
So why is there so much confusion about Nutrition & Health?
The problem is twofold. One is financial. When powerful industries promote foods & diets, quite often the first casualty is the truth & the second is the unsuspecting consumer, who pays for following such advice with their health & sometimes their life.
The second problem comes from the weight loss industry. Any number of diets & eating plans will lose weight. Because a dietary program causes weight loss, doesn’t make it necessarily healthy.
I have researched all the major nutritional advances that have been made over the past 100 years, & particularly the nutritional movements in the past 40. All the latest you- beaut diets get my close scrutiny. Sneaking a diet past me is like sneaking a sun rise past a rooster!
I have studied this subject extensively & impartially for over 30 years. Some nutritional programs have been excellent. From Dr Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease in 1990 to Dr Caldwell Esselstyn’s work in 2007 ( President Bill Clinton attributes Esselstyn’s program to his remarkable health & cardio-vascular improvement & weight loss over the past 18 months), to Dr Neal Barnard’s Reverse Diabetes Diet in 2007, from the Lupus Recovery Diet by Jill Harrington to The China Study by Professor T. Colin Campbell to Dr Joel Fuhrman’s wonderful Nutritarian Program, they all have much to offer. Golfer Phil Mickelson adopted the same food principles to overcome his auto-immune disease, which threatened his career.
During this time I have advised thousands of people with all sorts of illnesses on nutritional improvement & have seen often breathtaking results.
I have combined the best of all these breakthroughs & added the one thing missing in all of them. This missing ingredient is often the difference between good results & spectacular results.
By adopting these principles, & by implementing this missing ingredient, we have witnessed reversal of such serious conditions as type 2 diabetes, asthma, CFS, fibromyalgia, auto-immune diseases, angina & atherosclerosis, high cholesterol & blood pressure, migraines, arthritis & others. As a plus, people lose weight, sleep better, feel more energetic & experience less anxiety. It is not uncommon for people to lose 10kgs in 3 weeks, without eating less, without becoming a vegetarian, without counting calories or buying expensive supplements. They age more slowly! If undergoing cancer treatment, they experience far less discomfort from the treatments, often surprising their oncologists. They also give themselves a better chance of recovering from cancer.
References: New England Journal of Medicine, July, 1985

Psycho-Emotional Technique

Friday, January 28th, 2011


This is an amazing technique which, if done daily & with other health-supporting habits, can help transform emotional blocks, anxieties & depression, low self-confidence & low self-esteem.

  1. Primer: Approximately 3 inches down from top of sternum & 3 inches across to the left, between the ribs, apply circular frictions while stating: Even though I am experiencing anxiety,I deeply & profoundly love, forgive & accept myself unconditionally. With each passing day, my health in all areas is improving. Each day I am getting better & better.
  2. Tap with 2 fingers the inside of your eyebrows ( 2 hands) & repeat Read More...above;
  3. Tap as above the ends of the eyes, 2 hands, repeating affirmation;
  4. Tap as above under the eyes, 2 hands, as above;
  5. Tap with 2 fingers of one hand above the top lip & under the nose, again vocalising;
  6. Tap as above below the bottom lip, one hand as above;
  7. Tap below the ends of the clavicle (collar bones) at sterno-clavicular joints, 2 hands & affirming again;
  8. Wrap arms around & tap the lats as above;
  9. Tap the crown of the head, one hand & repeat affirmation with added positivity.

The EFT technique works best just after meditation but can be done at any time, anywhere, as frequently as needed.

Weight Loss

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Tired People Never Lose Weight

I have been advising patients for years that they would not lose weight if they were chronically exhausted. Some doctors informed these patients that this advice had no basis in fact. One of the serious causes of weight gain is the effects of caffeine long term.

Now all that has changed. The latest research has conclusively proven that children, teenagers & young adults are far more likely to be overweight if they are getting insufficient or inadequate sleep, & hence become chronically tired. This applies to all ages.

It takes energy to burn fat. Also, tired people Read More...suffer from slower metabolic rates, which means they burn fuel (food) slower than if their metabolic rate was higher.

Weight loss occurs more readily when the person changes their diet to a basically hygienic diet, eats when hungry, drinks when thirsty, rests until their energy returns & avoids all stimulants, refined sugars & alcohol. These things all lead to increased metabolic rate, which is a result of overall health improvement.

There are two important points regarding chronic low energy. Firstly, as mentioned metabolic rate drops & weight loss is far more difficult. Secondly, when the person is very tired it is very common for self-discipline to fly out the window & self-indulgence to fly in. We lose our discipline & give in to ourselves too easily. This is normal. Protect your energy.

When energy returns, this is the signal that some activity is now appropriate. In fact, activity now becomes absolutely critical to sustainable & healthy weight loss.

In future issues we will discuss the various types of activity. No matter what age the person is, health can be improved, weight can be lost, muscle tone improved & premature disease avoided. Remember, movement is life & the cessation of movement is death.


For those who feel time constraints preclude them from doing some activity or exercise, do little sessions frequently. Ten minutes of non-stop walking every day is invaluable, compared to doing nothing. Ten minutes here, fifteen minutes there, twenty minutes occasionally will make a big difference in the long run.

It is highly advised to prioritise some regular, rhythmical activity at least 4-5 times a week. It would be no exaggeration to say that our lives depend on i


Loneliness & isolation will often be psychological triggers for weight gain & health decline.

Many studies show that those people who have active social networks (not overcommitted however) are healthier, happier & leaner than those who feel isolated. Those people who desire to lose weight, it has been shown, do far better when they feel that someone is there to talk to them & encourage them regularly.

It is very important to receive support while losing weight & getting healthier, however here is a little secret that will elevate you to greater success in your endeavours: offer encouragement & praise to others who also could do with it. It costs nothing, takes hardly any time & makes you feel better about yourself, thus leading to higher self-esteem, confidence & greater self-discipline. Start today. But be sincere. The encouragement or praise must come from the heart with no hidden agenda. We do it because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

The fragrance of the rose lingers on the hand that gives it.