20 Reasons To Limit Or Avoid Animal Protein.

Paleo advocates love eating animals every day, sometimes two or more times a day. They maintain a high-protein, high fat, low carb diet is healthy. The research and science, and indeed epidemiology, says otherwise. Please research these reasons yourself in more detail.
1) IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth- Factor 1): This is a growth-promoting hormone contained within the animals’ blood and tissues. Humans also have it. In fact, the IGF-1 of cows and humans in identical, with the same 70 amino acids in the same sequence. This is not found anywhere else in nature;
2) TMAO (Trimethylamine N-Oxide): This is produced by our gut bacteria when digesting red meat and eggs. It has been associated with heart disease and cancers;
3) Neu5Gc (Sialic Acid): This is found in the animals’ tissue, not human tissue, but has been found in the tumours of brain, breast, skin and ovarian cancers;
4) M-Tor (Mammalian-Target of Rapamycin) is an ageing enzyme stimulated by the amino acid leucine, concentrated in meat and dairy;
5) AGE’s (Advanced Glycation End-Products or glycotoxins), produced in cooking ( particularly when foods become brown) and involved in heart disease, premature ageing and diabetes;
6) PAH’s (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons): When animal foods, processed grains and oils are cooked at high temperatures, these are released. They can damage DNA leading to cancer;
7) Acrilamide: this is produced also from the browning of foods like chicken and cereals, especially crisps, baked goods and fried chips;
8) DDT: a chemical found in high concentrations in fish, meat and dairy. Damages the nervous system;
9) Dioxins: found concentrated in animal foods and linked to genetic damage and cancer;
10) Hormones: high in beef and dairy, and linked to cancer and endocrine (hormone) disruption;
11) Antibiotics: Animal agriculture uses over 70% of the world-use of anti-biotics;
12) Mercury found in fish, especially large tuna. Damages Nervous systems among other deleterious effects;
13) PCB’s (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) is a chemical compound high in animal products which can damage the nervous system;
14) Sodium Nitrates/Nitrites: high in cured and preserved meats and has been deemed a cancer0causing chemical (carcinogen) by the WHO;
15) Saturated fat and cholesterol– both have been associated in many chronic diseases;
16) We have a far longer digestive tract than carnivores, allowing putrescence to occur;
17) We have much less gastric (stomach) acid than carnivores;
18) We have sliding jaws, not vertical hinge jaws as do carnivores;
19) We have teeth better designed for grinding than tearing;
20) We are part of the hominid family, like apes and chimps, and they are mostly, although not exclusively, plant consumers.

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