Greg Fitzgerald

Greg is a dual registered osteopath & chiropractor, as well as a three year full -time trained naturopath. He is the founder & Principal of the Health for Life Centre & has been in practice since 1983.

For nearly 30 years Greg has been concurrently running The Cronulla College of Natural Therapies, which was the first college of its type in the Sutherland Shire. Here, members of the public, other practitioners & medical doctors have,  & continue to, attend Greg’s informative & entertaining lectures on nutrition & its relation to health.

He has also lectured in Nutrition & Health at the University of New South Wales.

Greg is a prolific speaker on the health circuit, having addressed audiences both here & overseas, &, with his wife Dawn, runs the very successful health program ’21 Days to Transform Your Health’.

He has also spoken at the Australian Osteopathic Association’s Annual Conference to members of his own profession.

Greg has written many articles for various health publications, including the Australian Natural Health Society & the American National Health Association.

As part of his mission to educate the public, Greg has also produced CD’s & DVD’s on subjects such as osteoporosis, immunity, fasting & digestive disorders.

Greg & Dawn live in the Sutherland Shire with their three children, all of whom have been raised along the same principles Greg teaches his patients & students.

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