About Us

We are a friendly, multi-disciplinary natural health centre helping people with a wide range of health & musculo-skeletal problems.

The clinic conducts osteopathic, chiropractic, counselling & naturopathic treatments for all ages.

All Health for Life practitioners share a common philosophy: that each person has the capacity & potential to improve their current health situation with the right treatment & advice.

This philosophy is based on the fact that healing is a biological process. If certain conditions are met, then health improvement is predictable & inevitable. As all our practitioners are trained in this knowledge & wisdom, we are proud to state that our record of success in helping people recover their health & function is extemely high.

We combine the latest cutting-edge treatments with personalised nutrition advice, exercise, self help strategies & other lifestyle recommendations. This combination ensures you have the best posible chance of health recovery.

We are situated at 24a Alkaringa Rd, Gymea Bay 2227. Sydney. Our contact details are: 9540 1962 or 0424246847 should you have any enquires. Alternatively you can email info@healthforlife.com.au

The Health for Life Centre also conducts a variety of natural health courses & seminars. Organised & conducted by Greg & Dawn Fitzgerald, both of whom have lectured in the health field both in Australia & internationally, the courses include the very popular 21 Days to Transform Your Health Program.

This is run over 4 consecutive Wednesday evenings & spans 21 days. The course provides people from all ages & all walks of life the opportunity to hear the latest cutting-edge research on nutrition, health & disease prevention & reversal.


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