Welcome: Health For Life - Health through healthy-living

A most warm welcome to the web-site of  Health for Life from Greg & Dawn Fitzgerald.

Our guiding philosophy is that each person has within them the capacity for improvement in all areas of their lives, including their personal health & well-being.

It is a fact today that despite living longer, we are dying younger. In other words, people are losing their ability to function properly at an increasingly young age. Premature chronic illness & chronic pain, including back & neck pain, is the main reason for this.

In our experience, much of this can be improved, if not entirely overcome. When the correct advice &/or treatments are followed, something magical happens: your health & your functioning improve, often drammatically.

To this end, our clinic in Gymea Bay caters for  personal consultations & our 21 Days To Transform Your Health Program & other courses teaches the public the science & art of health & well-being.

The Health for Life Centre not only runs the very popular 21 Days to Transform Your Health Program twice a year, but also runs seminars on Raising Healthy Children, Women’s Health & Men’s Health.

We invite you to explore the following pages & look forward to being of assistance to you in your quest for better health.